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to a T

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Forfatter: Brian Leonard
2.99 USD

No one wants to be the guy who walks across the train car to look at the subway map. Just as no one wants to wander the famously confusing streets of Boston in search of a station. With to a T, you’re all set.

To a T helps you find the closest station or bus stop to your location. Then you can access a map and location information or launch directly into a Google Map with directions of how to walk or ride there from where you are.

When looking at the nearest bus stops, the app also tells you at a glance with which lines the bus will connect. Or you can plan ahead and make a connection by seeing all the buses and lines that go through any stop.

There is also a zoomable map of the MBTA red, green, blue, orange, and silver lines. Zoom on in and see the all those stops often left off the green line maps. The commuter rail map is on there, too. Maps of the surrounding area for each T station are also available offline.

Maybe all this is too much and you just want to see what stop is coming up next. To a T provides stop lists for all lines and bus routes.

All components compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch.