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worked well

I used this app for its easy to read map of the T. I did use another app with a some other features, like constant schedule updates for the T, but the UI on this app is better and easier to use. It's very good.


This ap is worthless... You can't even easily pull up a map of the bus routes or check timetables... You are just as well off looking at printed schedules at stops or using the mbta website. A waste of money

Need times

This app successfully shows the stops on both the T and buses nearest you. It would be a five-star if it included times once you select the train or bus stop.

Terrific To A T

Much better contiguous flow than other similar APPS ! The T logo MAP instantly gets you into the geographics and "color coding" of the entire system. Many good options, specifically the "walking distances" to other stops. The print size is a little small on some messages, but overall it's a "5". Sully, Marlboro

RIP OFF - get Boston Travel Free instead

I've seen some crappy apps. This one takes the prize. It simply doesn't work. It says it will give you direction to a stop, show it on Google Maps, etc. It does none of that. It just goes to grey screen and does nothing. I deleted and reinstalled. Still nothing. This time it's going to stay deleted, cuz just seeing its icon is aggravating. I'd like to add some rude comments toward Wonderland Development, but I'll restrain myself. Gimme back my $3.18!

Most UNHELPFUL app ever

This is the WORST app that I have ever paid for. It's confusing to navigate and it does nto provide schedule information for the bus, only the trains which no one ever needs the schedule for! You cannot find sations near a certain address, only where you currently are. For someone that rides the T as my main means of transportation this does nothing to make getting around the city easier. The only thing I think this is handy for is seeing what the most convenient transfers are on specific lines. Unless I ever find myself lost somewhere in the city that I am not familiar with, this app is completely useless to me.

To a "T" is lame

There is no searching with this app. U can't enter your location and your destination to het a route. Pretty useless.

Not that helpful ...

Maybe I should have read more closely (description and reviews), but I was expecting more. Several people noted that times for commuter rail and bus would have been useful. I agree. I don't think the main problem is finding the nearest location for a T stop (be it bus, subway, or commuter train). You can find most of them on Google maps actually. Maybe this is more useful for the out-of-towner, but not so much for the resident.

Great App.

I've been looking for a simple T map to have on my iphone. I was thrilled to discover one that would show me the closest station. Has saved me walking in the wrong direction a few times. Interface is simple and clean.

Commuter Rail Info

I am disappointed with this app for two reasons: 1) No schedule information 2) It didn't find the commuter rail station closest to my location. For an experienced user of the T it's pretty useless.

Not useful

Way oversold on the Globe article. Can't tell you when the next train or bus is coming. Can't even tell you the published commuter rail schedules. Use google maps instead.

Commuter rail unsupported

Commuter rail map is ok, but what we need are the times, both inbound and outbound! I know what commuter rail I'm going to take.. Of course.. But what would be useful is when I need to tale a time different than normal. Thanks!

My new favorite app...

I purchased this app because I spend a TON of time running around Boston for work. It is user friendly and detailed. Unlike many other available apps, this one actually tells you which T stop is closest, and how to get there from where you are. It even works when you don't have a cell signal! I've tried several different apps for the T and this is the only one worth the $$.

Not bad

Should come in handy

Works as advertised

I bike and walk all over Boston. I do not drive. This app works perfectly and it augments google maps well. I would try to find the nearest mbta stops on google map. Problem is the mbta does not list the address of the T and commuter rail stations. This app takes you to the station via a map. Then you use that position with google maps to create a route. You do not need this app to zoom the map. Use google map. Thank you.


I too was surprised the "map" was a non-zoomable MBTA reprint. But the app did detect my location (via Wifi/since it's not an iPhone), and was able to tell me the closest stops. Would like to see a better "map", and maybe the ability to add bus routes (either via update or manually).

Hope map improves ...

"Zoomable" map does not offer sufficient resolution to view when zoomed. That was enough for me to question the wisdom of my purchase but then I realized the map doesn't show the silver line, either. So it's out of date. The street map is nice, but it directs you to Google so it is not convenient to to back to the app. A disappointment this far, hope there is an improved update!

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